You in Every Pauses

9:02 PM

I was standing by the sliding door of my apartment, facing the riverfront below me, when i saw a group of smoke clouding up the greeneries across the highway. I thought it was an incidental, i shrugged, brushed my hair with both of my hands.
And then i thought about you.
I turned 30 degree to my right, the city lights began to blink. I realized the moon was so beautiful, round and orange with a bit of whiten spots all over it. It was perfect scenery. I tried to capture it, but a shitty smartphone's camera couldn't catch what i saw. Too bad.
And then i thought about you.
How i wanna give you a thing that i saw, a thing that i eat, a thing that excite me everyday.
I erased my daydreaming, moved further from the sliding door, turned back, washed my hand, put down my mobile phone. Then i found myself staring by the sliding door again, with the same first position, facing the highway.
The smoke was larger and darker, i could see flame swallowed up the trees, i could do nothing but think "somebody must have been calling firefighter". I watched the smoke slowly faded in the sky, it flowed in to my direction, as if it knocked my door in front of me.
And then i thought about you.
I sighed. I gave up that scene. It was my bed agreed to catch me, accompanied me further into a short nap. That evening.
And then i dreamed about you.

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