10:25 AM

Have you ever seen a girl, wealthy one, who can get anything she wants but take it for granted?
Have you ever been jealous, because she's pretty, she has everything every girl needs except being grateful of herself?
But that girl was so vulnerable, that girl was so weak, that girl was so insecure
And that girl, luckily, falling in love with a guy. A really great guy.

That guy, whom i considered unfortunate to meet the girl, has everything in his mind, feels enough by what he has, and mature too fast for his age.
Such a good listener to bare with the girl's whole lots of crap whining.
He was just unlucky, sometimes.
He just lost the one he loves the most. The one who raised her well, the one who always be missed, forever.

They just didn't work out.
They should've figured it out, from the beginning.
They should've known.
They both just felt a great lost.
Just so i watch, as a spectator.

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