2017 : Life Goes Well

11:33 AM

The past five years after everything, our life went on.
My sister graduated and not long after that she got a scholarship from WHO and got to continue her study in my university.
My mom accompanied her everyday and sometimes dropped by my boarding house to take a nap, had a lunch and so on. And yes, she's still as strong as ever.
My dad still working in pemda and looking for another somethin somethin to fill our increasing demand.
My brother got into college through ups and downs, he couldn't get in to the state university, i knew it was hard, the competition, the exam itself and such. But luckily now, he's studying in islamic university, i bet he's happy, my parents are also permitting even though the tuition is soooooooo much more expensive than mine and my sister. But whatever, money can be earned, God already arranged it.
And I. I... Graduated, and soon after that precisely a week after graduation i got a job, i can't thank enough for this, and now here i am in the capital city of indonesia whose street so smelly and full of traffic.

Everything goes very well, now, that we are grateful for every single thing we have, every moments we make, even my sister got herself a boyfriend who is ready to propose.

You see, life can be as hard as it can be, but as long as we're patient, grateful, and not giving up, good thing takes time. So be grateful, be grateful and be grateful, always remember that you have more than those who sleep in the street.

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