The Day Goes By

8:17 AM

You know it sounds stupid to be carried by a sad song. But sometimes it is necessary to put up some dramas of your life. I am beyond grateful to have everything in my life. Job, friends, family.
Working is fun with great partners, i get to laugh a lot everyday, i'm fed well, even i gain weight.
Family is good, not much actually, they are always fine, not giving me much worries.
Friends... Get new ones at work, but since everybody is so busy doing their own, some distances are made, even we can't meet once in a week anymore. I think it's time to move on to a new phase of life. I know everything won't be the same, i know it'll be temporary just like the other phases, but this will be the shortest onen, 2 years max and hopefully i'll jump to another phase.
I will tell you how much i miss my day back in the town. Everyday... Waking up in that house, get up, dress up, spend the whole day in campus. I miss how i walk past at you and we both laugh for no reason, i miss how we discuss everything, i miss how we end up waiting for the same meeting, i miss being called 'mbak nida''. As simple as that.

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