8:03 AM

It was almost midnight when i woke up from my evening nap. I wondered why i was awaken all of sudden. As a usual ritual i checked on my phone to read some messages and notifications. There was my college senior asking my recent phone number, he said his office wanted to contact me. Frankly, i forgot that i ever submitted my portfolio to this office, i even already given up that there would be any responses from my every submissions because apparently i just knew that my phone number that was written in my portfolio was inactive.
As i was half asleep, i texted my new number. I never ever expected that 5 minutes later... The office called. They wanted me to have an interview by skype tomorrow, i was shocked and answered unpreparedly by 'yes, tomorrow's good'.
The next day i ran to campus looking for my friend telling them how i was so flustered and unprepared to do the interview because... It was the very first job interview in my life. I did my interview in internet cafe just to make sure the internet connection was okay. But unfortunately the an hour interview was paused by losing connection, i also answered every single question abruptly because once again... I was unprepared. And they said they would inform me at least a week whether i was accepted or not.
It was exactly a week after, the boss personally called me saying that i was accepted and i should be able to start working as soon as possible.
At first i thought it was too soon, i mean, i just had my graduation a week ago, i hadn't had any holiday as i was dreaming all those college years. But there's a big but, this was a really great opportunity to join such an incredible architect firm. So i took the chance.
It was hard to leave such an amazing memorable places which had been a witness of my journeys, but by jumping out of my comfort zone i thought it would be worth it.

So here i am, working in the best office in the world, with such wonderful wonderful people.

RAW Architecture!

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