Mass Group Iftar

3:30 AM

since Ramadhan began, i'd been in some gatherings doing iftar with my friends. You can google 'ramadhan' and 'iftar' if you wanna know the exact meaning. In Indonesia, doing iftar together with your big family or your old friends, beside being a part of tradition, it is also being an event to meet up and keep in touch with each other. it is also being a home coming event for students who study outside the city. The first photo is my junior high school friends which i haven't met for almost 4 years. once everyone gathers up, we recall every mutual memorable things that happened back then. The second photo is me and the gang, the gang was the union of students body chairman batch 2012, which consists of 11 members and i'm the only girl in it, so i lead the gang by default. The third photo is my friends who did community service with me, how grateful we are can gather in a bright light mall and eat whatever we want because last year we ate in a pitch dark village which has no electricity system whatsoever. The fourth picture is my classmate, sadly that would be our last iftar together, some of us will be graduated in august, and they will walk in different path.

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