Love Medley

12:17 AM

i've been listening to this song for months, every single time i hit youtube and begin to be confused what to watch, i end up watching this video. Voctave is in the perfectly perfect harmony and the angelical voice Kirstie wrap it up as the lead. Kirstie and Jeremy are currently engaged, what's sweeter than that? two beautiful beautiful people found their love in their voices, aaaw.
and that's the intro of what i'll be writing about.
so recently, i found out that my dearest friend, Mr. B is engaged. Of course the whole world must've been shocked, he's only my age (maybe older one or two years - i'm 21), he hasn't had his graduation yet, i mean, it's such a young age, i know it doesn't mean they will get married soon, but... yeah you know.
i discussed it with Mr. H, he's such a poetical person that sometimes i don't get him. He was once having his heart broken by a girl, he mourned for a long time and expressed every single feeling in writing, and now he's being such an expert in love. He told me how he wanted to bring his parents to a girl house, but they refused, because they thought it was too soon and they thought he hadn't been ready yet, well he hasn't been graduated, he even hasn't finished his thesis, i mean... c'mon -___-. He asked me to read his writing on a post, it says :
Kalau ada yang bilang bahwa puncak dari cinta adalah doa, maka aku rasa batas akhir dari cinta adalah kerelaan. Karena aku tidak pernah sepakat bahwa cinta itu tidak harus memiliki.

Bagi kalian yang telah merelakan ketidakbersamaan, maka aku rasa kalian pun sedang meleburkan rasa yang kalian sebut itu cinta. Ketika fase rela telah kalian capai, maka cinta sudah usai. Memupuk keikhlasan sedikit demi sedikit meski terkadang sakitnya masih terus berbisik-bisik.
that's the first paragraph of his writing which i can understand, the rest is... i'm not so sure, so yes... i agree with him on those points. Once you really love someone, you bring him into your prayers, you wish for his happiness, you wish for his safety, you wish for his health, you wish everything good happen to him, and apparently you wish to be with him for the rest of your life. But... when the peek of your prayers isn't granted, you cannot be with him, or he has someone else, or worst, you both adore each other but you praise different God. Trust me, in Indonesia, religion is the most discussed topic, because the first fundamental of this country cites oneness of God. Let's put aside religion thing.
Then i ask Mr. H, what if you say you've let someone go but you still want to have a role as the root support for him/her in his/her life even though he/she already has someone special in his/her life? is it really sincere letting go?
He said, do you still have a desire to have him?
I replied, well if i have the chance then why not, if it's not, it will be like whatever, what else i can do, surrender
He said, it means you are not ready to let it go, you still expect him to be yours, don't you?
I replied, a little...
He ended, well, you still have that feeling left.
so i conclude that being in love in real life isn't as easy as it sounds on love songs, and yet, it cannot easily being arranged beautifully to be a medley. Being in love in real life is tragedy, as if you can't only sing one romantic ballad song, it also includes electronic, rock, country, and even traditional songs, as if you can't imagine it like driving in highway, it's way more hilly, ups and downs, smooth and rocky. so, be careful ;)

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