12:20 PM

Hi stalker,
Hai Nana, Hai Nisa

I'm coming back for good.
I guess my 'garbage talking' ability has decreased a lot. So many things happened, and I'm sorry i haven't got either guts or time to share it openly. I'm not gonna tell you everything because yeah you know it'll be too long.
2015 was a bitch. Wiswakharman Expo, dethroned, promoted, 2-months without signal, without electricity and skipped ied with family-kind of community service, and then i met someone, criticism here and there, irresponsible, having an ex ministry studio lecturer for 6 months, pre-thesis, bored, heartbroken (not me), straight A. Those are the sums up
2016 was begun with too many dramas. How will it turn out? wish me luck!


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