5:29 PM

You're finally cracked up today, both. Your anger and your tears.
The monologue behind your head keep repeating itself you've failed this time. You completely lose it.
They say you have to hold on, they say they have your back, they say it's gonna be just fine. Who are they kidding?
You're not allowed to lose it, you have to bear it. Just like anybody else thought who you are, then be it, please anyone. Even if you just have one leg you need to stand up, even if you just have one ear you need to listen up, even if you just have one eye you need to see. Tell yourself you're not allowed to complain, tell yourself you're not allowed to get tired, nobody give a damn about what you've been through, nobody will simphatize you if you act so weak, nobody doesn't really care when you're bleeding, so get a grip and save yourself.
Get yourself together, your life is too good to be frowning.

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