11:10 PM

sometimes in one moment you miss someone so bad that you couldn't resist to take your phone and write garbage then send it to someone. you wanna meet that person so bad, you forget what your real purpose is.
then you meet that person, then you mislead your feeling and forget how will you take it in a real life mode.
no celebratory, no garbage talk, not even a hello, just a random shout out of nowhere.
then the competition begin. which of us live happier, which of us be more adventurous, which of us have more interesting story. i don't know, it's just numb.
until the end of that event, neither of us even have a single real conversation of how we miss each other, how you live, how i live, how i've been through this year. none, it's just one ambiguous goodbye-hug being a score. and that's that haha.

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