Indonesia Tanah Air Beta

9:09 PM

Indonesia. to be frank it's hard to explain Indonesia in complete.
Ratna Mutumanikam. it is said that Indonesia is a wealthy country with its whole kind of timbers, plants, animals, golds, oil and such. the air is clearer than other country, it still has a lot of rain forests, it has hundreds kind of culture, it has a lot of volcanoes, it has thousands islands, the people is friendly, its geographical site places on very strategic spot, and there are many more i can't tell what this beautiful country posses.
but sometimes i just regret to be born in this country, instead of there's so many corruptions everywhere, the bureaucracy is so complicated, the government makes a simple demand to have hundreds steps. so the people has the mind set of 'better not doing it as the procedure' because it's too complicated, we have to go here and there to set some documents going back again, being told to go there again and so on. by having a complicated bureaucracy, there's so many hole of control, and that will be a perfect spot to do corruption and its friends - such as collusion, nepotism, money laundry etc -.
and what make me even sadder is the exchange rate from rupiahs to us dollars is so high, so when we go abroad everything seems more expensive :(
with its million people which spread in different islands yet separated by ocean, it's difficult to make a big change in Indonesia, the mind set of its people also hardly can be changed. in fact, if Indonesia can stand by itself with its own treasure, i'm sure Indonesia is unbeatable in the future. and to achieve that i will start with my own self, how about you?

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