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so yesterday there's a university fair in my high school, i guessed my attendance didn't really important, but i came anyway. i usually got so excited for a moment like this, then i used to invite or insist the whole friends - my classmates - to come. but this time, i felt like i didn't want to.
so... yeah, i met my high school friends yesterday, mostly not my classmates. it's been more than a year since we saw each others in our uniform. i guess i'll be lucky to call them my friends.
literally i didn't really miss him, i barely hung out with them also, but i just missed them right away when i saw them. they're not my closest friends, but i really respect them too much,
the way they respected my decision when last year i rejected their offers to help them in our final assignments, and they didn't talk bad about me or isolate me then, they were just 'yeah, if that's so, then what we can do, it's your own choice'.
the way they treat me like their young sister, yeah apparently i'm younger and smaller or.. okay shorter. they're so nice to me even though i see them mostly like a bad boy - mostly male -, they do things i don't, like smoking, harsh talking and such.
the way they see that i'm not changing a bit, even though it's just kinda like formality they have to say when meeting people, but i didn't mind. i didn't mind tossing hands with them, i didn't mind when they squeezed my head when they found me didn't get any taller.
oh also, my friends who never talked to me during high school years, even though he did attend same course and same junior high with me, finally talked to me even made fun of me like we're a long lost siblings -__-
and there's one who just confessed that he stalked me, especially my blog, hi Luri!
that's the first time after graduation one and a half year ago, i came to school again without any burden, without any distraction, without my classmates wandering around - because yeah so much going on and it's pretty tense there -
feel blessed? hell yeah :)

credit : http://www.djangkarubumi.com/2013/11/sma-negeri-1-klaten.html

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