12:52 AM

some people said it's necessary, some people said it isn't, some people don't give a damn.
yes, i don't care how the fireworks explode beautifully, how people feel the joy of new year's eve, how the traffic jam kills people.
i'm home, it's the third times i go home in 2 weeks, it's not something i do normally. i just wanna go home, even though home isn't the best heavenly place on earth, but i need somewhere to runaway from that crowded city, and all the people, and all stuffs that hold me there, and all the past that left quite deep scar. i just need to hide, to not interact with people, to hibernate my system.
talking about new year, people flood timeline with the whole greetings, prayers, resolutions, wishes and such, some also mentioning last year's best parts.
to be really honest, i don't know what's going on in 2013, there's so so sooo much going on that i can't tell myself. sounds depressing huh? all that hard works, the past, the dreams, all the wasted feeling, the exploded emotion, the betrayers, the pressure, all the changes, even when i knew being introvert is a choice, i'm almost being in it. the fears of hurting anybody, the fears of messing things up, the fears of losing trust, the fears of being left.

God, i never imagine ending my 2013 and starting my 2014 by cursing all along with the sounds of fireworks.
ah, screw it. Happy new year everybody.

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