4:01 PM

i don't know why i ended up here than doing my holly assignment. i feel like i really need escape, not that i'm having a hard time or what, i just need a 'thing' to be one of medium to make me stay calm, to force me evaluating myself, to tell me 'this is a life', a life that i made myself for just me in it.
i'm in the phase when i got nothing to be worried about but still there's something unexplained that left, and i can't even mention it, i can't even describe, even i don't know what it is.
i want a break from seeing anybody here, stop caring and stop worrying the people around me, because so much left unsaid without ending, it's left hanging right there.. there.. just there. hi there hahahahahaha
people, here, are so objective, and me, subjectivity and all the judgment in my head, i cannot even hide it just a bit. if i don't like a thing, i said it, if i don't like a person, i treated him/her weirdly.
people, here, haven't known me that much, some are just too hard to handle. i haven't found the trust i've been looking for a year, a one hundred trust. everything, or it's just me who assume, is fake.
over thinking kills.

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