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to not overthinking a problem is one of a kind problem for some people. and it does lead to negative speculations which worsen the situation. but some said that being ignorant also worse than being loathed.
being ignorant. sometimes you get trauma to solve or to be involved to your friends dilemma, because in the end you'll be the one who get the blood stain. now, you refuse to overthink things, and day by day it grows into some kind of ignorance. you don't care about people feelings at first, but then it seems wrong, you try to seem nice in front of people when the fact is you're just faking. that's a good thing of faking feeling, no need to gain sympathy from other, no need to have such a drama, but you're in pain inside, by yourself.
being ignorant. also happens when you usually cared about a thing, then you try to took distance from it, you don't wanna get hurt by putting an expectation to that thing, but then the distance going so far that you don't really care anymore. when all you have left is watching that thing going around in your life everyday but all you can do is watching its back in silence.
don't get so close, but yet don't go too far.

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