11:10 AM

with or without your realization, His mercies always there.

when you feel down, when surrender is the only way you can take. Don't be afraid to step further sacrificing what's left of yours. one day when you have only a dollar in your wallet, and in the same day there's someone collecting donation for people who are less lucky than us, you can not give a thing but a dollar. And then there's inner conflict in you, your brain says 'there's no way you donate the only money you have to that donation, you can't have a dinner today, and you can't buy another shoes you wanna have', but your heart screams 'yes, donate it! there are some who need it more than you, you can skip dinner and ask your parents for breakfast tomorrow, and you haven't need a new shoes yet, come on come to your senses!'. 
when both situation happen, there's one thing you have to always remember your whole life, that Allah will always multiply your every single donation for the people who need it.

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