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That girl has a dark lonely side which she keeps inside herself. Her heart is caged in a such silent places. She doesn't let anyone come in. She's afraid of people and allergic to interaction, she didn't try to be anti-social, she's just hurt too much. She's betrayed by her one and only best friend she's ever had. Since that day, she can not even trust one single person in the world.
While she's busy hiding her life away from the world, there's this person who try to infiltrate to her world by sticking beautiful beautiful doodle in her milk box everyday. And there's always phrase written "Have A Beautiful Day". That person keeps admiring her in silence even though the place he's sitting on only ten centimeters far from that girl. They're just separated by wall. He's afraid of ruining that girl's life harmony. He's afraid that that girl will be freaked out by him barging in. He just keeps living and hides his feeling away.
But there's another person, he's five meters away from the life of the girl. That person never knows that girl before, even at first that person thought that girl was a freak. But because of some incidents happen, that person needs to pull that girl out, that person has something to be cleared out with that girl, and so they meet. That person who has a great warm heart which can make anyone brighten up when he's around. That person who bravely dare to drag that girl out, that person who can make that girl feel alive, that person who can touch her heart with a such beautiful love song, that person who can make that girl to see the world the way that person see. That person who wins a heart of that girl.

Review - Flower Boy Next Door

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