Tiring Pleasure

9:02 AM

Jogjakarta - Dieng, 5-6 July 2013

Those pressure of having both exams and big project made our head in alert to explode. We're just finishing our last exam, when one big project of construction was given back, it had been scored, and most of score didn't really went along well with the effort we'd been poured in that project. It was gloomy, mental breakdown was followed by hard rain and sad mellow song as if it was a movie.
It'd been a week since our holiday officially started.we got over the whole anxiety of having bad marks, and yes, we're architecture students, we're pleasure seeker. so as it was planned way before hand, we - 16 people - toured to Dieng, and 'toured' here i mean, by motorbike. It was a really long way to go. The scenery was so so on the way Jogjakarta - Magelang - Temanggung, but when we wheeled on Wonosobo, it was awesome! and chilly. The fog had already been down when it was half past five pm. We stayed in Puja's relative, Puja was the leader of this tour, and honestly at first it was his mom asked him to visit his relative before he left Jogja, and Puja offered us whether we wanted to join or not, of course we said yes! that's why the 'visit' became the 'tour'. After eating and sleeping soundly, 2 AM, we got up, freshened up, then we hit road.
It was okay, but then the very very cold air attacked us, i was the one behind Puja and he trembled. We used everything to warm ourselves - jacket, socks, gloves, scarf, cap, even ... raincoat - It was dark and cold and cold and cold. Until we arrived at the highest village in Central Java, forgot the name but it's still bloody cold. Then finally we reached the post where we started to go up to the top of Sikunir.

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