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living the life of a first year of architecture student, trust me you'll never have enough. one second the whole satisfaction clouds up in your smile, but no more than half second later you have deep anxiety about what you've made. you'll have one time when giants deadline coming up together in the same week, and all you can do is sitting right next to your bed and do absolutely nothing, why? you'll totally confuse about its priority which one have to be done first.
now, i am, at that point of tiresome. i don't really know what to do, everything is just tied up one another. lemme tell you things, i'm starting to lose my credibility and people are starting to doubt my ability. slow but sure, they leave me behind. i don't really know how to get rid of this, i let myself pretend to be numb and ... dumb.
it was started since while ago, when my too-lazy-to-explain habit came back. when people started to ask something and i answered shortly, a lil bit harsh and a bit impolite. i did try to make it up, but i think what's burnt couldn't be restored.
i think i need to put my psychological issue aside.
few months ago, i'm walking around with my spirit running, but maybe just maybe, now i'm running around but my spirit crawling behind.

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