1:31 PM

this is another clumsy girl sitting beside my grandma's bed in a quite small room smelled like medicine. yes, i'm in hospital, again. i've been like live here my whole teenage life. me, myself even have ever stayed here for days.
my aunt talks excitedly telling my grandma and my grandma's younger brother about health insurance nowadays, and i get nothing to be interested about, so this clumsy girl listen to 'To Whom It May Concern' by The Civil Wars, it may be a great song message for the one that got away.
no need to pretend i have bad days the whole last week, all the goddamn assignment forced me to stay in my friend's house for a week. that was a group assignment. and it kinda make me sad, cause i've been hurt a lil bit, idk if it's because it really hurt or it just because i had a period.
this short written note isn't a thing but garbage, i can't even concentrate to what i write, once again i'm in hospital.

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