Ding Dong It's 2013

9:23 PM

in the early of 2013, well happy new year, i got an extraordinary new year's eve, i thought it would be fun to have my old friend blend in with the new ones, well it should be. but no, what i felt wasn't something awesomely pleased. if i might, i would just say 'it's just okay'. i did know sometimes it's just me a little too sarcastic and skeptic, especially when i responded people's story. it's like you're not in that story, you're not interested and you ended up pretending that you're listening. i didn't and don't give a shit about change anymore, it's people's rights to change because i knew environment teach and people grow. so, yeah, just don't think too much.
i had my week fully at home before exams, but the assignments of basic aesthetic driving the whole class crazy this week. people were so stressful, they tweeted frequently, and today was the D-day. here's my result, i hated facebook for accusing me that i posted illegal video even though it's completely made by myself... except the song.

by the way i turned eighteen this week, i didn't expect anything much, i hid my birthday date on facebook because.... i don't like people wish me birthday just because facebook telling 'em, not because they remembered, meaning they didn't really care. and it also because i'd been threatened by egg and flour from my friends. so i let the ones who really care to lighten up my day, even though it's just five up to ten. there's no point of my birthday this year, i wasn't really sad but yet i wasn't happy, it's just so numb. a bunch of my freaky friends came to my home to give me some kind of surprise party.... which turned into a big failure, because i could definitely see them IN FRONT OF my house through the window. they begged me to pretend that i was surprised, then i did it. my birthday wish was white or red balloons, but they brought bubbles instead, yeah that's okay. and they gave me a clock... with alarm, stuff like that .__.

oh, almost forgot, i broke my cellphone, now i - perhaps - would use my dad's, but to earn something we needed sacrifices (said my dad), i had to copy all the contact number from one cell to another. curse you who taught people about sacrifices -____-
note for you people that i learnt in my bornday
" don't expect someone to give you special treatment, unless you're a princess, there's no heart who will loyally serve you a bliss"

and.... don't ever wish your sibling to be disappeared, remember Zathura!

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