A 'Lil Pep Talk

7:08 PM

we do feel sad we do not literally fail but the result of our hard work doesn't really good. people can say 'at least we've tried hard', but that's not calming. we know we've done our best but we also know we don't deserve more. once again at least we try. i don't get the people who say if you can't do it it's better for you to not work on it. i can not possibly think that way because the other people say you won't know if you never try, well you may get wrong but i do really agree if the effort and the journey of that result need to be counted. yes you think logically, but in life sometimes logical thinking hurts.
you know what hurts the most, it's when you think you are a candle. you lighten up people around you, but you sacrifices yourselves, you are getting burn. you destroy yourselves while build up another body and soul. you teach your friends and get C while around you get B. sometimes i feel like life is unfair, yes, life is too cruel to be admitted. at that point you need to flipped your card, go to the brighter side, take a deep breath and smile. this is not the end of the world. you're not dead just because the system, you are the system of your life, you can turn everything upside down. 
people say that the statements 'a failure is a postponed winning' is just an alibi of loser, but that loser still always have the will the hope and the belief to be the winner. the winner itself is to win yourself first, once you get a grip and be able to control yourself, and be your own system, congratulations, you rule your world baby :)

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