Mother's Day Letter

7:38 PM

Dear Mother,

i don't know how to put my feelings in to words. i'm not another kids who easily express their love in front of  their mom, i am your ignorant typical daughter. i forgot how you always asked what i've got from school eleven years ago, i almost forgot how you and i rode motorcycle without raincoat in the middle of heavy rain and you bought me meatball soup just to keep my body warm again. and i remember how i told you my bad dream and you told me it's just my imagination. i hardly remember how you were so upset to me when you found out that i lied to you, and you always didn't take any side when your first and second daughter fought.
i'm sorry i had ever thought that you're not a good mother, that you're not being fair with me, that you didn't love me. i'm deadly sorry for that. i'm sorry sometimes i'm not a nice kid you always want, i'm not a kid who can't please you, not even make you proud. i'm sorry i made you mad, oftenly.
sometimes i miss you like.. so bad. i miss our family at that time. sometimes i imagine if bad things didn't occur to us, if both your daughter could study well in college and came home every weekend, happily. you're  super super super woman, the real one, i've ever known. we're more than lucky enough to have you.
thank you for taking care of me until now, thank you for not giving up, thank you for your godzilla size of patience, thank you for keeping an eye on me, thank you for your short pep talk before school, thank you for staying beside dad, thank you for teaching me how a good kid should be. i love you so much more than i love myself, if i have to die to pay your love back...... i will even though it isn't possible to be equal

with my whole heart,
Your daughter

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