Maroon 5 - Daylight

3:43 PM

lemme be frank i wasn't really interested in this music video before because of the thumbnail of the video just seems so common, plus most of Maroon 5's MVs are explicit. but this... this video isn't selling the song, it sells the story behind. it shows how this world isn't as peace as it seems, there are a whole lot of crisis especially for teenagers. hundreds teens bullied, hundreds of them are already being orphans, hundreds other commits suicide, cancer, anorexic, bulimic, uses drugs and such.
most of them are being aside because of their religion, color, their parents' job or their social status. this video shows how people around the world shouting and asking for help, it's their confession to the world and of course they don't want their other friends from another side of the world suffers like them. 
the most touching scene for me is when a girl holds a white paper with 'I'm A Muslim and I'm Proud of It' on it. and yeah so do I, I'm a Moslem and I really really proud to be part of it, with no single doubt.
first thing first on this video is don't judge each other, respect and love each other is waaaay lighter thing to do. no matter what they say, you are who you are, you don't need to be ashamed if your fat, you don't need to feel small if you're black, you don't have to study all the time just because you're Asian, hang out and talk to strangers sometimes, be honest to everyone, smile and laugh everyday, don't anchor yourself in misery, say 'thanks' and 'please' frequently. all that advises are resumed in 'stand up, be bold, and chin up!' ;)

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