Lola's Back

3:08 PM

In a friendly environment like Manhattan, it's the day when Lola walked by, she knocked at Mrs. Angelique she asked to go to her bathroom because her way to home was still a bit far. from Mrs. Angelique window's she saw that boy standing across the street. he seemed confused for a while, then a girl came out with big grin wearing yellow skirt with a beautiful ribbon on her big head. both smiled at each other. Lola was called by Mrs. Angelique. She went out right after she fulfilled her business, she walked down the street. in front of her, that boy and that girl walked cheery, it seemed to realize Lola's presence.
"Oh, hi Lola!", he greeted
"Hi Alex, good day huh?", answered her. shortly.
"Yeah, it's bright enough. Oh, this is my new neighbor, my new friend too, Rose. Rose, this is Lola, my classmate"
"Hi, i'm Lola, please to meet you, welcome to our town", answered her by recklessly shaking Rose's hand
"Nice to meet you too, Lola", Rose answered
"Hey we're going to Bill's, you can come?", asked Alex
"Oh, can't. i've got to get home real quick, see you at school tomorrow, bye"
Lola talked without even looked at their face and turned her body fast. She stared at one point when the street didn't even look like a street anymore. She tucked both her hands to her jeans' pocket, plugged her earphone and pressed the button of her music player. The Scientist by Coldplay playing.
she couldn't pretend to be happy when the place she used to live 7 years ago felt so strange. a friend who used to be her neighbor had already got a new neighbor. a candy shop that used to have a big neon at front, now it became an office of diamond agent. those black classical street lights turned red. those humid asphalt which reflected the spirit of the moon just showed a common grey road, she screamed in silent. she didn't blame anyone for this lonesome, it's just like everything had changed and all what'd been given to her was taken. she used to have that house, she used to have that middle chair in the class, she used to have someone on the phone to talk, she used to have someone to text, she used to have an extra candy, she used to have place to shout the hell out. 
All she felt now, all that she wanted was just to have everything she used to have, sometimes people didn't wanna grow up, but that's not what she wanted. as the soundtrack of Tangled went on, she sang along
"Flower gleam and glow, let the power shine, make the clock reverse
  bring back what once was mine.... what once was mine"

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