Thank God, It was Friday

10:41 AM

it's two days ago when i woke up in a such shiny face, took a bath at dawn, got dressed and prepared anything before the sun even blinked. guess what? i was going to the beach beach beach!!! it's been a while for me since a year ago before the war to get in to college begin. the six of us went a little bit late but everything went well in the way. all of us didn't even know how to get there, we just brought a map, luckily some polices didn't mind giving us the direction when we asked. it's about 8.30 am when we arrived at Sundak Beach. it was so marvelously fun. it was our first holiday together, they're my group in architectural design studio, even though we just met less than half year, we're just that close.

on the way back to the city, we're lost. not completely lost, but yeah just lost. we asked people many times to make sure we're in the right direction. still, even though we're on the right track, it took longer time than when we departed before. it was a really hot day, everybody's burnt. finally, we stepped our feet in the city, we grabbed an almost-evening lunch quickly. then we went back to our own home.

the journey didn't just end that way, my journey was still going on. i waited my friends to come, but then they bailed me on, because the weather was so bad. so i decided to go home to my hometown around 5 pm. it was dark rainy with slippery street. i reached the borderline city safely, there was an exhale when i was finally in my town. but then, i got an accident. i didn't know where it came from but suddenly a black car was right beside me, not even a single milimeter distance. i got a help from a gas station security.
"are you okay?", asked him
"yes", answered me while i looked in to my feet to make sure everything's okay. and then i saw blood.

first thought was 'oh my God, i'm bleeding', second thought 'it's okay, i'm still able to walk', third thought 'shit, i have to get my thumb sewed'. then the security took me to the nearest hospital. the lady who drove the car also following us. she's responsible enough, she paid for the hospital bills. then one of the hospital staff asked me to inform my family, he took my phone and called home.
as what i'd predicted, everybody's in tears. the whole family was in panicked attack. i knew for sure they had a big trauma with 'accident', since my sister hadn't even healed yet until now.

when i reached home, my grandpa had already waited in the living room, everybody stood up like it was something that they expected coming. 
"i'm okay", i said
then i was rained by my grandma's kisses around my cheek and forehead. i saw my mom's eyes, she just cried, i felt everybody's exhalation in front of my face. what a relief hahaha.
these two days are total holiday, but i can't go anywhere because of my sewed thumb. so i'm just at home lying on a bed, doing the damn sketches assignments.
so, in the end i want you, everybody, to respect your own safety and your family's. with your knowing or not, if you're hurt, trust me, everybody's hurt also. they love you more than yourself. :)

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