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sometimes we need to get away from anything, just be away, to gain a thing what we called being calm. but for some people to be calm isn't always quite, isn't always to be alone. for me, being calm is when you know you have someone to get your back, people who cheer you up when you don't even know what to do when you're down. as simple as replying your friend's text may be one of the way. you know he/she's on a crisis, giving solution or just listening is way more than enough for him/her.
especially for unstable freshmen like me and my friends, we just entered our completely new life, our future life depends on what we do now, but the main obstacle here is 'being far from home'. most of them who haven't got the experience being far from home before (including me) feel homesick. it may affect their life cycle a lot. to be there for your friend in this phase is really important, because they have no one to lean.
the first year's curriculum also always the hardest because there's gonna be a lesson we haven't ever learned before.
to manage, to be responsible, to take care of our own life... believe me it's hard like hell. the ups and the downs can't be omitted in our life. the thing we need to hold is don't ever ever ever give up what you've got now, i know you know we know what we take is what we want, and we always know we can get through this, don't we? huh?

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