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since my last entry, i am now being a college student. i've been sooooooo busy since the very beginning of my student's orientation. i got a whole lot of new wonderful friends in my group of orientation, we've been very close because the condition that forced us to worked together with a bunch of assignment. unfortunately we're barely able to meet each other because of the difference of study that we take. i have to join 3 student's orientation (God >___<) for the university, faculty and department, i'd done two and one more to go. 
it's been such a wonderful experience to be away from home, sometimes i get so lonely but the other side i feel happy because i'm able to stand by myself and keep myself safe. i like my boarding house, yeah it's so quite, but mostly it's comfortable. i have a little problem in doing housework because of lack of time. 
after all, i like being in architectural engineering, even though it seems hard and some people may not like it, but so far i'm enjoying myself to move step by step. to be frank, i'm not a good sketcher, but here we are commanded to be a good one. my very loyal friends are pencils, eraser and sketchbook.
i also apply for one of biggest organization in the faculty, but i don't know whether i'll get it in or not, doesn't matter though, it's a gratefulness if yes but if not then i still have another path.
the hardest part is the time management, honestly i feel okay with every single activities i take, but sometimes the people who make it runs slower make my mood turns down. it'll make everything insufficient. time needs to be respected, it needs to be used properly and we have to maximalized the result of the use of it. sometimes i want people to speed up, but then i'm afraid they think i'm too tough or something. but then again, to change people is hard as hell so we better change ourselves first. BE THE SOLUTION ;)
here are some pictures through my journeys this month
ps: look at the score in the corner of drawing paper, it's C domination hahahahaha

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