The Swing Lady

4:14 PM

a simple mind with a short thought from eight year old boy who stomps his feet on the ground madly
hard enough to tear those dried maple leaves into pieces
he walks across pedestrians path, doesn't even care about the traffic
doesn't even give a damn about the grey clouds gather above
keeps walking to his best runaway place
the place that he's known almost his whole life
he has been even there when he was two, said his mother
there's no particular fence to limit that place, just a line of iron pipe as its divider with the pedestrians way
not even a welcoming gate
he's here yet anyway, bringing red face, messy hair, and whole lot of... what is that?
the complexion of anxiety, disappointment, resentment, anger and ambition
he sits on the edge of the sand box which exactly is the center of the place
he stands in sudden, put a fist on his hands, start kicking the sand randomly
as he moves out from the sand box, the dust swaying restlessly
he's on the ladder, pushing himself up, imagining like he's on the way to the top of Everest
he hangs on the monkey bar strongly as if there's lava beneath him
as he stops on the safe land of happily ever after, he can't just stop
because he believes there's no such thing, there's not
he's seated, ready to crawl in to a dark tunnel in front
he blows the fear away, face the fact that he can't be down unless he passes the tunnel
he takes his first step, close his eyes for a while, then crawl as fast as he can
"WOAH", he gasps. that's the first word i heard from him since he's here awhile ago
i believe he saw the lights to finish the tunnel
he stands still in front of the exit mouth of the tunnel, he crosses both hands on his chest
he takes a deep breath as if he just be freed from a jail
as he reaches the top of the slide, he begins to sit, straightens his legs. he slides
he closes his both eyes, feels the breeze, enjoys the way wind messes with his hair
and he sticks the land
he doesn't seem satisfied already, he looks for another journey
he can't play see-saw, it needs two people to balance it
he shrugs
he runs to the only merry-go-round, put his hands on one of the handle
and run faster than the come-running 
after the third spin, he jumps up to the yellow side of the merry-go-round
once again, he enjoys the breeze, spreads his arms wide as his tummy holds him from falling forward
want it or not, the merry-go-round must've stopped gradually
without him realizing, the grey clouds have passed, and now as he looks up the sky
the gorgeous stand out sunset rules the town, forces those skyscrapers to bow down
he's out from the merry, walking towards the iron pipe fence, jumps over it
and takes an easy light step with a smile piercing on his face
do you know? he has taken all the ride of this place, except this one
the one i've always be riding, the swing
he knew the swing had something, he knew i'd been watching him, he knew i was there even though... even though...
even though no one sees me

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