Dandy's Letter (Chapt 1)

7:41 PM


i swear... it's not that i'm ungrateful, i can literally make a tent anywhere anytime, i can survive it all
but the problem isn't me. the problem is about the Mrs. Board, i have made a promise with her, like so many times i've bailed. i can not bail on this one, this is kinda last chance i break my promise, because this is the edge of my situation. it's like everything is so sure there, but unfortunately you make it so unstable here.
i've told you along ago to do it, but you didn't gimme much response nor effort to help me doing it. yet at that so along ago Depopriquille still got a whole lot to do, yet another hysterical creature always wants to be on your behalf. so what could i do?
when this time you bring it up to change it, i can't stand it but to dried my tears of disappointment again. i think you see it, i think you know i'm having a hard time, so you agree to get back on track. i know i'm not good at anything, yet i'm just ignorant. i'm sorry, if i've been a real burden.
i know you want to tag me along, i know for sure, but you just can't because something holds you here. i know you ask that person not because if that person wants to, but because if that person lets you. it's been really hard for us. please, be easy on each others. thank you

truly yours,


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