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i'm not really good at biology, but when people are asked to choose something even though it's just silly thing to choose, they definitely use part of their brain to think about it, duh!. once again, i use my friends to try this thing. i ask them to choose 9 people from our class which has 28 people on it. frankly, this question comes out because hahahaha actually i just draw a doodle of my closest friends, but then i stop when i reach 8, i wanna continue it but the dubious of the 9th strongly attacks. so since i can't choose nine, so i ask my friends then to know whether they can choose it easily or just like me. other than that, i'm bored, so this survey will let my brain works a lil bit, an because of my overthinking habit, surely this survey will get me think a lot.

so at first, they're very suspicious when  i ask it, they ask what that's question for and whether the answer will be publish or not. of course not, it's just me though. some maybe think i'm out of my mind to ask that unpredictable question. one that directly answer the question just realize their suspicion in the end of their answer. some also ask me back whether it has kind of specific category or not, then my answer is no it has no specific category, just imagine if all of your friends are gonna be dead and you have the opportunity to save the nine of them who you will save. all of that because they're not prepared to deal with that type of question.

most of the eight that i choose get me on their choices, but not all of the choices that i make exactly the same with theirs. their and my point of view when choosing them is mostly the person who has big amount of meeting frequency with us, the person who often hangs out with us, the person who ever has pretty memories  with us, the person who we assume to care about us, the person who have spent lot of time with us. but unexpectedly my unique friend has waaaaaaaaaaay different point of view. from what i've learnt from her answer, she seems to choose not because some reasons i've spelled because she chooses far reached people and mostly who have big time of lonesome. she locates herself to be caregiver when i ask her, and i don't lead her to that sight. 

one of them answer me well when suddenly she adds an alibi that she chooses it randomly, who ever she chooses  doesn't mean she likes them and who she doesn't choose doesn't mean she doesn't like them. but for me how random and fast you think, the first answer always be the frank one. those additional comments are just used to build alibis to blur their answer and stay safe. surprisingly one of them ask me back, then i tell her that way before i ask i've already chosen eight. and i don't know whether it's because the asking person is me or they just being honest, but mostly they include me. actually they don't have to feel bad if the asker not in their list, because sometimes it's okay to not be a part of somebody's life.

the aim is the judgement of one other person is different, they have their favorite, they have their own way to place people. it's not always but sometimes who you choose, choose you back. 
so, with your consciousness or not you're gonna be careful of whatever you choose on your life ;)

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