So, This Finally is Prom Night At All

8:28 PM

honestly i wanna tell my wonderful 4 days a week ago with my dearest friends, but it's a really really long story without any photographs, but we did record a whole lot of videos, so it's better for me to keep it in my mind.

after that wonderful 4 days, i had to get back to reality and face my school to work on another project. i hate to mention it but yes my school held a prom night, and i was as an unimportant girl who arranged the rundown, had a role as a master of ceremony and became the girl who brought projector all around.

we could say we expected nothing from this event. since we had only less than 10 people as the committees, lack of preparation, low coordination, and a high rate of care less. that night didn't turn into a complete disaster, but let me just say it's not good. enough said. but mostly i enjoyed the time with my friends, played around beside my job, walked here and there to greet them. and because i was one of the committees i knew how this precious night went around, all the ruckus, the panic attack, fighting and all.

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