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5:31 PM

there, there were eight people made an odd circle around the knee-height rectangle table. each had their own act with the same purpose, rest. we're not exhausted yet, but we just wanted to lay down for a while because we just got here. it's minimalist house with two floor, we definitely lived in the second one which was felt larger than the first. it's really a comfortable mini-house, fortunately it had no complete furniture yet so we slept on a carpet. the purpose of us having a sleepover there was 4 had a future examination to get in to a college and to prevent coming late we decreased the distance to the examination venue by sleepover. me and the other 3 had another occasion though.

it was bright evening, i still remembered the slash peachy sky even though it was blocked by another houses' roof. we started freshen up and it took us long enough time because basically we had to take a bath one by one, and by 'one' i meant it included chatting, snacking, singing, dancing, laughing and joking first. we had dinner on a place i forgot the name after moving from this that eating place. we got 2 additional members, the 2 made an appointment to us to have a dinner together, so why we have to say no. after dinner we went straight to the house, had a little chit chat, phoned people to ask for praying. it was started by the call with one of our teacher, she suggested the exam takers not to study to loosen up their mind. guess what we did? TRUTH OR DARE. and it turned to be disaaaasteeeer for me, i wasn't able to describe what i felt clearly. it was finally cracked when one of my friend gave a truth question to the other one, she said " have you ever been ...." there was pause after she said it, we moved closer to her as a curiosity sign. our whole head fulled with question mark, until she... practically did smooch figure. i was like 'what? why did you have to...?'. then the house flipped in to a mad house complete with its mad people who couldn't stop laughing. that truth or dare ended. the room became gloomy, we started sharing session which brought everybody to start apologizing, thanking, grumbling, telling story and... crying. it was a really good time that took us to a wonderful place called acceptance and respect.

luckily, i could sleep well, like 15 minutes only. everybody's up with ordinary faces common feeling like it's their daily, but me. it was a really bad idea to take coffee before i took off for my occasion, my heart beat faster, got a whole butterflies on my tummy. i was grateful it's all gone right before i took my TOEFL-like test which now i've known the result and it's pretty good. out from the room, i got a bunch of texts, my friends already waited me. we had a lunch in somewhere (again i forgot the name) but the owner was so friendly, i liked her though. we're finally home after that. and everybody dozed off randomly surrounding the table. then when we woke up the 'rain' incident happened, i can't tell it's hard to explain -___-. that night was so different with the first one, everybody studied. i was too tired to get along so i just slept instead, and i enjoyed sleeping so much that night.

the morning came, we had cup noodles as a breakfast but then i had chicken porridge as second with another two boys who didn't take exam too. short story, i did the re-registration had a ride around then went back to the house. we're confused whether we had to leave at that time or stayed one more night. and as we knew each other, we stayed for fun. we're out until 11 a.m.

we wake up for cleaning things and the house, then we waved goodbye to the owner.

we don't have many photos -_____- but we definitely have plenty of videos

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