Girl with The Red Balloon

12:26 AM

you know, the point when people get tired of always being the one who care a little bit more than anyone else. the way she fakes her smile and pretends she knows everybody's feeling. i told you, she's tired.

she's tired of the feeling that she thinks she's one idiot annoying girl who talks too much. she's tired of knowing the last. she's tired of being mad because her people gang up with the one she hates the most. she's tired of being sad because she loses her people. she's tired of cheering up people when she needs people to cheer her up. she's tired of changing. she's tired of the routine. she's tired of knowing anything. she's tired of being talked, please talk to her directly, she'll openly answer any question without making war.

her chuckles stop exactly when her secrets are revealed, but she keeps a lot in her head. she can ruin everybody with their every single secret, but as far as she concerns, she never does it. secrecy is her life, it doesn't mean she's fake, she's just a good keeper. she knows what people think, she's so itchy to cut their words and serve them her big huge alibis.

unfortunately, she did something wrong with her life. she lets herself down. she drags her legs to jump into a cursed well, she doesn't know how to take off the curse. she has tried everything, but none's worked. she ain't tell anyone, because people will not believe it and people will be freaked out. that's when she decides to build a wall instead, but remember? she's tired. the wall she builds becomes a creepy sculpture and totally blocks the whole way.

she's totally lost. even the middle-aged man whom sits next to the coffee shop's window can tell nothing to her. that man tells her a story about the love of Cinderella. she's so confused, how can that unexpected person be the prince's choice. she's too young too give up on wild imagination, she keeps believing on happy ending and fairy tale. but she still has to face the cruel world which walks along side by side with a messy reality. she walks out from the door, look around with no smile curved. she walks away.

did she let him go or did the four winds blow him away, does she even know?
she's the girl with the red balloon - The Civil Wars (Girl with The Red Balloon) 

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