Chrysanthemums Tulips

10:25 AM

i may be weird, lots of girls in this whole wide world love roses, i don't. it doesn't mean i hate roses, no, i just don't really like it as the others do. i think roses are kinda fragile yet common. its petals easily fall down, and sadly it just has a few. not like chrysanthemums, it has a lot of petals, and it doesn't really matter if it falls ten petals. and in my eyes they're unique.

other than that, i do love tulips. too bad it can hardly find in Indonesia, because of the climate here is tropic while tulips used to grow in sub-tropic weather. when you look at it, you see a pure yet strong beautiful flower which its petals can't blossom wide like the other flowers. strong, straight, brave and classy.

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