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s'up guys? it's been the end of holiday, i've got to prepare my full course day next week, and i have to get ready for the final exam result and the invitational announcement. it's been tough week without my friends around, i miss my routine, school days. but actually i've been busy lately working on my driving license - i went back and forth to the police station 5 times - and helping my juniors to prepare English Night 2012 entitled 'Alexandrite'

Alexandrite means a diamond which always change its color, and its meaning reflects the main role in our drama musical which will be the main show of English Night 2012. Alexandrite will be performed on May, 12th 2012. i'm not one of the performers though, but i'm just eeerrrr... kind of adviser. i think English Night will be splendid this year, can't wait to see it.

you know, business keeps you away from bad thinking. when you're at home, just accompanied by your laptop, all you can do is just stalking, blogging, twittering, those exciting things will be the boring one in a point. and then you just don't realize it, you start to daydream, you start digging all the memories behind you. i don't say it's a bad thing, i'm just afraid you're gonna be dragged to those sad melancholic things which bring you to a sadness. you know, i've been there, and i don't want you to be like me, so if you get those bad memories back, please drive your car or your bicycle or your motorcycle and go, look for something new, don't let yourself to be miserable alone in your room. grab your friends to go somewhere it'll be so much fun, huh? at least you can wipe away those bad feelings for a while. it doesn't matter if it comes back. please try another activity to be your distraction. play your music loud and smile. please be happy :)

the bad feelings that haunt me day by day is the fact that in no more than a month, all my friends will be separated. each has their own destinations, i am so sad to keep it together myself. i mean how can i communicate to them, what if they're busy, i'm so afraid if i disturb them, i'm afraid i'll just be a freak who ask their condition just in case i need someone to talk because that's my habit until now. i'm afraid i have no one to talk if they're far away. i'm afraid we will be awkward someday, like a stranger who just met, it will be really really bad. oh my God :'(

and to overcome those feelings, i always go somewhere talk to my friends for hours and then go back home with a lil smile. even though i'm still feeling it, it's good to know that some have the same tough feeling like mine. because they're my habit, and now i have to try living without them. i know some may think i'm tough and such a good bitch outside, but my close friends always know me better. i don't like the phrase 'best friend', because people these days give unright definition about best friend, i think i have mentioned my reasons in one of my post. i prefer brothers/sisters or close friends, other than that just 'friend' is enough.

today i went to the house of one of my close friend in junior high, we had so much good time, i never had no-good time with them though. it's also kind of distraction :p

cheers to all the youth of universe!
keep smiling keep shining! :)


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