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2:25 PM

this is dedicated to a friend of mine, my tiny friend "chin up, pretty!!"

i know when you like someone, it's hard like hell to move on. one day you say to yourself, 'this is nut, why i have to fall to this guy. from now on i won't think about him again, ever!'. but, then the next day you accidentally listen a whiny sad love song which reminds you to the story of you. and then you keep repeat that bullshit beneath your heart, you fight your feeling away without even realizing what's the root of your problem. you don't let it all go, you haven't wanted them to be disappeared, even you keep them soundly deep in your heart. that's a major problem of what we called 'ikhlas' or sincere.

and sometimes you over use the social media. nowadays, you can share everything you want on internet. that's it! sometimes you really really need to keep everything to yourself or your best friend, don't let anyone know your feeling. the more people you let them know about your life, the more you getting fragile, oh no, it should be the more you THINK you're fragile, because you want all the attention of people, you make yourself fragile with letting anybody knows your problem. i don't prohibit you to share, it's good to share, it's good to have everybody's attention, it's good to express yourself, but people have rules which is you have to know the limitation of sharing your feeling in this unreal world. please try the real one, tell your buddies what's your feeling because they might have the solution or your mother, you know the phrase 'mother knows best' it does indeed.

another alternative is you can share it by writing it on your blog, beside you can develop your skill of writing it also is more private media to share than twitter or facebook, or you can just write to yourself and not publish it. by writing, you can feel relieved, there's a self-pride when you see so many letters line up in your monitor and those are the crops of your own mind.

and when you're alone, try to avoid listening silly-sad-love song which usually drag you in the situation in that situation. or the big one is always try to keep yourself as busy as you can be, keep yourself in a crowd. also, ask your friend to always remind you, to always say 'it's not worth to be sad'. make a sharp note on your notebook, mobile phone, wall in your bedroom, that'll always remind you to be strong, or you can make a tattoo if your parents permit it.

and this is what i always say to my friends 'smile, please!', because smile is the cheapest easiest remedies for all people. i always suggest them to look at the mirror, say whatever you wanna say to yourself, and wrap it up nicely with smile. it sounds lame, but sometimes it really works on me, so you should try.
you're allowed to be sad, but its percentage have to be less than the time you smile and laugh. be happy!! cheer up!!

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