Ridiculously True

8:37 AM

for girls, falling for a boy is a gambling....

since girls are such sensitive and emotional creature, they take a heart of all kind of kindnesses. you know, when one day a boy talk to you, you feel like 'oh he's a nice person', the more they talk to you the more you feel like he's your friend already. moreover, if they have the mutual thing with you, for example he likes painting and so do you, then you two talk the same topic first, each gives one information to another, then the talk begins to be wider, not just a hobby-talk. he starts talking about his life and asking about your life, trust me, in this stage you will be flown high above the sky, because all you feel is he's already the close person of you, while you have no clue about what's on his mind. i don't know either what mostly boy feels, i just know they comfortable with it, they know you are their close person too, but i think they feel it's just what it is. meaning: he feels that you are his friend (dot)

day by day second by second, your curiosity kills. curiosity even sometimes feels stronger than the feeling that you fall for him. you wanna know what he feels so bad, you stalk every single of his social media account, and you try to solve all the puzzle inside your head. you connect every single words he said, you tie it up, but still you just keep it to yourself and the whole curiosity haven't disappeared because you just guessing. when he flirts, you feel like 'yes.. yes i know he feels the same', but wait hold on lady. you need to be careful in making conclusion, wait a sec and look again, if he flirts to another person too, meaning it's just his habit, you know, joking around flirting around. yeah it's not bad, but i feel bad for the one who is flirted.

it turns out your 'just curiosity' makes you like ' aaarrrgghhh c'mon i really wanna know what's on your heart', then one day you decide to drop some hints. you keep text him asking anything talking about anything, when he looks into your eyes you try to look at him back as deep as you can in order to make him know your heart, but one ever told me 'guy is the dumbest in taking a hint, until you write it down on their face, literally'.

see, this is why girls gambling. they love him, but they afraid to admit it but they do it anyway. commonly, girls don't ask boys out, so they just wait. they are lucky enough if the boy feel the same way, but they'll keep living pathetically hiding their heart away if the boy doesn't. ridiculous, but true...

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