It's Their Life

4:42 PM

i know this is not my right to tell people how they dress up, either i'm not a religious people. but when i see people unveiled themselves i feel like... oh my God what you are up to?. in my religion, Islam, it's a kind of a must to cover a part of body (aurat). for women, they have to cover their head using a kind of veil and cover their body with long-sleeve dress (or something that doesn't show their curve of body). some of my friends use veil also, but unfortunately there are some individuals who don't really respect the using of veils itself. they use it in school as a normal pretty nice girl, but they take it off when they hang out with their friends, put some photos on social network without covering their head. i don't blame them, because it's their right to do what they wanna do. but then i feel bad, because they're my friends too, even though we're not really close. isn't that what friends are for? friends are there to remind us which is wrong and which is right. they have their best friends too, what do their best friends do when they see them like that?. it's been my inner war for this whole time, i am no body to remind them, but i -at least- know them, and that feels wrong if i'm just shut up and let anybody do something bad. it's like you're a friend of thief.

so, all this long i force myself to just shut up, i choose to be a friend of thief, even though i know it's wrong. i know i'm not a good person yet. my close friends told me:

"it's their life, we have our own. let them do whatever they want, its their sins if they keep doing it, but we are nobody to them, so why we even think about their life. they don't think about us though. it's useless"
but still i feel like i wanna tell them, and then it's ended up i'm pulling myself not to let the war happens and going offline. i'm not giving up on them, i just don't want to care about them anymore. i'm sorry if i offend anybody, this is what i feel. i write it here because i feel i'm being annoying for some of my friends lately if i  tell this story again again and again.

i know this post is kinda sarcastic because i'm telling about my religion rule. but the headline here is to turn the wrong in to the right, you know everybody - if they're in my position, have the same mind set as mine - they'll definitely do the same.

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