It's Kinda Funny

5:02 PM

Hi stalkers!!

that thing when you feel bored, then you text some friends. and you feel the way they reply it isn't as sincere as usual. you just wanna share what you feel, you just wanna know their condition because you barely meet them, you just don't wanna feel alone, and you just wanna kill the boredom. all you get is the feeling that you are an annoying person. sometimes they reply your message in a long time after you send it out, the worst is they don't reply you back. maybe it's kinda not really big deal for some people, but when you used to do that and suddenly everything comes out twisted, it doesn't run as it always. what do you feel?

this big question always comes up, 'am i disturbing?'. it gives your day a lil bit obstacle to be happy. even you hurl your bad mood to another friends. you begin to not listen back to what they say. but you're not supposed to do that to those people. the effects will spread to your surroundings. all you gotta do is 'sigh'.

hahaha it's kinda funny... knowing the people who used to be always around you turn their head away, and you start to feel unwanted. and all the conversation you did feels disconnected all of sudden. it's also funny the way you feel wanted before, and starting to ask yourself who the hell want you. my suggestion is just take a break, pause everything for a while, keep distant, have some other fun, don't get mad to other people, and keep smiling. you know the best remedies are... music, sing whatever however you want, it helps A LOT.

i don't know if it helps or not, because mine isn't. i don't know what's wrong, maybe it's just my trial to learn how to live without them, because we'll live apart starting from the next 2 months.

okay let's forget those stupid things.

NOW, i wanna tell you guys. i grow up with Glee this whole senior years. as in Glee that they'll be graduate next 2 months, and so do i. this is very sad knowing part of them will leave, and so do mine. i cried for the latest episode, this is the first time i'm thinking that gay-love could be so romantic. and all the sad atmosphere is soooooooo touching, BECAUSE it happens in my life. exactly the same!! nuff said.

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