Good Bye and Good Luck

11:06 AM

The time has come to say goodbye
My turn to leave, how time does fly!
Seeing many things here over the years
Hopes, dreams, laughter and tears

For many friends the end is now here
Although the memories will be so dear
Life out of Newpin is about to begin for me
Taking the lessons we learnt herein

Although I'm sad to leave right now
They’ll be things that will remind me of this day
Those special people who made it all worthwhile
You know who you, you made me smile

As we look back at the past few years
Remembering the times, we have had here
Ones to remember, ones we’ll want to forget
And on the first day here when we frist met.

You will see how much you can learn from here.
But as you enter on into your future here i hope
you too find what your looking for whatever it may be.
Goodbye friends and to everyone good luck! 

Good Bye and Good Luck by Ruth Warren

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