4:30 PM

okay, where do i begin?
starting with the first day of this week. i had just finished practical examination with the whole lab stuff which has no fun. that day i just sighed a lil' bit relaxed a lil' bit, because the next two days i'd have the first try out of final examination, and TODAY finally i got it all finished. messily.
this is weekend by the way, don't wanna talk about school so much.
this was a really tense week, everything was just above the nerve, and once again i always say

" Your happiness, your sorrow, your feeling of love, your feeling of loathing, are absolutely decided by your own self. Set your mind to be "
i beg y'all to give your best prayer for me, i've decided to be an architect in Gadjah Mada University, i really do hope i can get in. i have so much struggle to deal about college stuffs, i used to wanna be a psychologist but unfortunately faculty of psychology in that university in a social side, while i'm in science.

What Words
dear Ashley and Mary
i'm glad to be your friend
i'm glad you include me in your conversation

i'm glad i have an opportunity to be your lil' sister
i'm glad to have you always by my side
dear Holden
i want you to be my friend

i want you to include me in your conversation

i want to have an opportunity to be your lil' sister

i want to have you always by my side
dear Regina
please, stand in front of the mirror and point yourself

please, say to yourself whether it is you

please, get a grab on to something

please, make up your mind
dear Byron
stand in front of the mirror and point yourself!
say to yourself whether it is you!

get a grab on to something!

make up your mind!

well, it was just trashy sentences which showed a different emotion in each phrases. i always think about something weird lately. i drew doodles in school 4 days ago, i think it's not good since i just did it for fun. but some of my friends said it's really good, i'm blushed. school got infinite boredom, so people just doodle around like me, everywhere. i usually draw some on my hand because of my obsession to have tattoos on my wrist, but unfortunately i'm prohibited for that, so it's just a pen :(
i also requested a doodle from my tumblr friend, actually it was happened a long time ago but i just can re-post it now. sometimes i really want to write something useful instead of just shouting crap of my life here, but i'm lack of information, plus lazy enough to think something new, okay let it be let it be.
another thing which makes me always grinning is Alfred Thomas Highmore a.k.a Freddie Highmore followed me back on twitter, i've adored him since Finding Neverland until The Art Of Getting By. He's total awesome.

keep smiling keep shining :)

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