7:31 PM

hard days are coming by, my friends
final exams are in front of our frontest bone, but i think i have nothing prepared nor feel prepared

the heat of some people radiates me to crack the sky, but i won't cause i can't

these and those trapped blocked in here, and the reason comes from out there

YESterday, we made a surprise birthday celebratory for our beloved 'Sir' Mr. Val, he was born in valentine's day, so he has the name of it. it was fun, but only lasted for eeeehhh 10 minutes, i guess. i used to love ALL of my classmates, i loved when they sticked together. now, i can't even tell 'em to listen anymore. those paradigmas are planted too deep on my head, he she they told me different story, and sometimes i'm left with no one to trust. everything just black and white. sometimes i refuse to think about the world, but then i realize i'm being ridiculously selfish, and that makes me a completely stranger who i don't even know, then guide me to the perception of being lonely. bad analogy, but yes it's true.

resume of this week. too many doodles, meaning, too bored

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