Be Happy

2:49 PM

everytime i go back home from school, i always plan to write something bad or rude here, on tumblr, even on twitter. but it's always ended up with cancelation, because i realize that those were just a short emotion, which makes me not 'like a lady'. you know, the way a quote sometimes works on you. ya one of them does on me 'Think like a boss, act like a lady', totally i can not do classy thingy, i'm total mess, hard for me to be classy as a lady. first of all i laugh A LOT everyday and it's not just a simple laugh, my mouth's opened widely while i was laughing -___-. so i decided to be classy in the way i manage my emotion my feeling and everything inside. if you can't afford from the outside, why have to be so sad, you still have another side.
looking happy all the time is a part of being classy. it's kinda cool, you know, looking happy all the time like you have a perfect life. i call it 'an act of what i want to be', it's not a faking though.
so, i have some tips for keeping happiness. plant your suggestion every morning you open your eyes that no matter happen today you will end up smiling. then don't let any anger stay more than 10 minutes. if you hate someone, please don't matter her/him, i mean if they make you mad just stay away, you deserve to be comfortable. don't take a joke seriously. make your own rule that you will laugh at least twice a day (?). do appropriate thing that make you happy, you can always listen to other's judgement but if their judgements make you uncomfortable, please don't mind them, take the good advice and try to be a better person. cry if you wanna cry, scream if you wanna scream, laugh if you wanna laugh. respect others and be nice :)

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