A Year Older

5:31 PM

hi folks, last tuesday i turn seventeen. i didn't expect anything happen that day, i was hoping an ordinary day without any this and that. but then when i reached school, the weird sign appeared when my class' door that usually opens it suddenly closed that day, and also i heard noise in there. yeah bang! they (my classmates) brought me a cake with i don't know how many candles on. they sang, they cheered and i was just so speechless.
school was school in the first and second period, then i didn't know it's coming (i should've known) my biology teacher asked me sooooooooooooo many question which really dragged me on the corner of thoughts which i finally found out it was my friends' doing.
pass to 7th period, i got another stinking unexpected thing, it's my teacher, the math one. goddamn it! curse you LQI! she said i had to solve all maths problems in the whiteboard, of course 100% don't need to ask i begged her not to punish me with thaaaat. it's the first time in 3 years SHS i really talk to my 'Mrs. Math' teacher, she was so shut, i doubt she knew my name before.
fine, don't you think it's the end.
the second break was a disaster, one of my friends brought a hedgehog, it's kinda cute if the hedgehog is looked like Sonic and his siblings. but this... lemme call it A RAT. i run as fast as i could, then i run away to the next class, it's my junior's.
before home, i threatened every single of them to not do anything more. yeah, 'threat' or trick, you got all of that when you have your birthday. a bunch of them threw me with water and flour in the parking lot, i turned to be a white bear on the way home. answer: Horrible.
i sat on my room replying thousands birthday wishes on all of my account, when suddenly my friend texted me to get out because the cake that i left before, no one wanted to eat it. completely innocence, when i walked out from my front door then something flying. it's water and egg. okaaay, they wanted a war, i brought them flour threw it all to them. that war woke my neighborhood, people just came out watching me bullied. it's mean --"
finally the war's over, i asked 'em to come in, we talked MUCH, laughed MUCH.
i was so grateful to have that day.

thanks to my mom who helped me cleaning all the evidence of those war
thanks to my family to keep me stand still

and huge thanks to LQI, and the best to:
Ade Lismi Rohaya - you'll got the revenge, baby!
Adhi Prasetyo Nugroho - thanks for making me miserable enough
Atika Dina Khairina - you're clean on my day, you shouldn't be in your day
Dwi Rendra Pramono - thanks for the ketchup
Gisella Arden Samudiono - wait your turn!
Henda Febrian Egatama - i know your house, you should be aware
Johan Sutanto - you owe me a topples of snack
Rika Widianingtyas - your words melt my heart
Voila Devi Evandhani - you will pay!!!
Wahyu Anditya Prathama - you will have an egg on egg mister
Imammanda Budiartha - next time you bring an animal, i'll bring you bazooka

ps: one of my wish in my new year's wish is already come true

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