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hey :)
you know the feeling when so many choices are up to your face?
actually, it's confusing and terrifying. both.
now, here i am, in the beginning of my seventeen thinking about my future, which path do i have to take? will i fit in? can my parents afford it? do i want it?
there are so many question marks flying in my head. maybe but definitely i am not the only one who'd been suffering. tons of teenagers out there feel what i feel, this is the time to plan and plant our future. sometimes i had an argument with my parents. okay, it's always. but we know my ability, i'm neither bright nor dumb, i'm just average. i regret myself giving up to be an average girl, it's really common.
me and my parents already have a deal which is written in the air, i continue my study to psychology of Padjajaran University (please, pray for me).
i wish i hope i pray i can be accepted.
my struggle continues.....
now i have to choose another university and another faculty for my next choice. it's quite frustrating.

teenagers never have a simple life
but we have to loosen the tied-up string
and start sewing our own canvas

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