8:12 PM

now i'm twitter-ing while listening to Adele's concert. can't help but thinking too much

Fakhriyyah K
the next fifty years, i'm gonna tell my grandchild that i had really tough friends. they got really big matters in their life.

Fakhriyyah K
the better you are, the more struggle you get. maybe you seems weaker, but it makes you stronger than ever later.

Fakhriyyah K
then i will tell them (my grandchildren), that i was speechless reading their (my friends) texts and i was confused how to reply it.

then, i will tell my grandchildren that i saw contradiction faces between her (my friend) and her mom. her mom seemed soooo down, while she (my friend) tried to hide everything behind.

get well soon Nana
you're a hero before everything, you fight from the start by yourself, and you lead me to the right path
we love you, i love you <3

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