Knocking 2012's Gate

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2011 : obnoxious - hidden - tense
my life seems a lil' bit horrible, huh?

hello universe! it's a brand new year already! who's excited??? say, not me. right after the first day of 2012 i have to go back to my routine, yep! my last senior high year. yeah time runs, people change, i grow, rain stops, sometimes sun shines but sometimes it doesn't.
to be frank i really have no intention to post or write or... yeah type. but then my solid friend came up on twitter telling his will to post something special in transition of 2011 - 2012, i didn't know where it came from but suddenly i just got lamp above my head. so we (the solid, living ladder and me) made a challenge on this post. its rules are reflected in first and last line, the other rule is to share it, and because of that rule i have to draft some posts, it's too dangerous you know it can cause world war III hahahahaha nah, kidding, it's just too insulting.

if i'm asked to tell what's going on in 2011, i will absolutely answer i have no idea, everything seems blur, cause i can't remember the details. but the best part is you can always count on seen memories, photos. by photos you can remember your activity, even the details of it, so bring your camera everywhere everytime and take whatever happen. so this is my summary of 2011, not good enough and the size is the biggest mistake, i did it in the middle of the night when sad song's played, you know the feeling, duh! --"
the box on top photo is taken from motion book, i didn't get the final though, my friends got it. Idioglossia is the title of our art show i've ever posted here for more information.

in January, based on my first photo that taken by my phone, my first day school in 2011 started in Friday, and my first photo is about art assignment -____-.
<--- this
sorry for the ugly whiteboard, i will even be more sorry if y'all know how's my school, but it's already International Standardize School (Mr. Val said it to me thousand times).

a little note, while searching photos page by page, folder by folder, i also searched the date, this is what i've got in the first day school of 2011 beside the art assignment. it should be appear in 'What were they thinking' on Yahoo!OMG, then he must've received a hard critic from Paris Hilton. - i don't know the co-relation, i just say - --"
i was thinking to blur his face to make sure people do not know him so he won't be ashamed, but nah! his face's already blur. no revenge, it's not Nida doing it, it's Jane.

that which reminds me of mixed photos i made few months ago and it's original, hasn't published yet, so this is the premiere

i don't know they tried to be fashionable or what? i think i'm gonna get going with 'or what'. but Thanks God they're cool now, after unspokenable war hahahaha *chuckles

2011 is the age of transition, my transition between 11 grader to 12 grader which means more responsibility is needed here. it's been a tough year, so many things changed, these and those were flipped, twist in every single corner of day.

for my family (perhaps) 2011 is the hardest year ever, in the beginning of the year my uncle was hospitalized, he got an accident. few people that had been assumed as part of my family passed away this year. the biggest, my sister got a big accident. she hit a car, something in her neck didn't run the way supposed to be. i didn't know why it happened to her. i couldn't hold my tears seeing the couple that raised me, both cried. it's like 'oh my God what am i gonna do? what am i supposed to do?', all that i could do was just keeping my own and my brother's safety at that time. everything was a mess. and this year is the first time of my life i went Sholat Ied without my mother and my sister, it's the first time of my life i didn't shop for Ied preparation, and the first time of my life i celebrated Ied in the hospital :)
my sister is a strong girl, even though she's still at home now, hasn't be able to walk yet, but she makes a progressive change. well, she will run soon hahahahaha

okay, FRIENDS, i don't wanna talk about the drafted post, everybody already knew though. all i wanna say is THANK YOU SO MUCH. without your knowing you always pull me out to laugh when i'm down. i love the way we're gossiping people, teacher, friends, government(?). and the fact, hanging out after school and going home late, is always fun indeed. you know the time when i don't wanna talk to anybody, fortunately y'all already know how to spell my name correctly and some of you have already known my house, so if there's something happen to me or i die, you will always know where to find me. all at once i just wanna thank y'all for helping, supporting, and being a good brother and sister for me, i love you ;)

important things that i get last year are trust and honesty. i've been taught about it since i was born, but i just realize there's a big deep meaning behind it.

okay, shoot 2012. turn the page but don't close the book, we're all in this together, we still have the story to walk on. i don't have specific wish or hope or resolution, i just want to have the same deal with my dad about college then be accepted there, my sister can walk, all of my friends get their dream, everyone's happy, Indonesia gets better then i'll be rich(?)

i spend new year's eve in Voila's house. we have a lot of fun, we have no plan before this i was just barging in to her house till afternoon watching horror movie with Atika too, but then suddenly the idea to stay coming up and it was good and awesome. we tapped some videos, took a lot photos and yeah fun things.

my unforgettable moment in 2011 : actually this isn't the best, it's the worst though, but it's unforgettable for me. it's the night before my friends and I watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2.

mission accomplished, yes?

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