Friday Friday

7:45 AM

school was on in Friday, there's a sport thing which is walking around the town which i skipped. i didn't plan it, i went to hospital to take Nana's stuff and i got stucked there for 2 hours. this is the second time i didn't join that school activity, the first is when i was in Penang. but i grabbed school at 9, so there were still a lot people there, and as i was planned i got Iput and Ade to help me make a photograph 'get well soon' for Nana. actually i had one other person more to help, but.. you know.
i got all that day activity pictures from Iput whom i really thanked for. well yeah, i just love them. it was a really full day for me, 2 hours skipping school staying at the hospital without parents' knowing, 2 hours at school busying around even i just have a chance to sit down calmly for 10 minutes, an hour back to the hospital, then i skipped course, take a nap for (you're not gonna believe this) 4 hours, get up and then go to the doctor, then sleep. easy as that --"
finally i feel what is the feeling to not feel anything, neither pleasure nor sad, just straight without any beat --------------------------------------------------------------- << like that

this morning i'll got my term test report, i don't care what's the result, all that i want is people can see which is the best from us or which is nothing from us, you know what i mean? i mean people get the result not from their really own ability. yeah let God gives them a thing.
advice from me, when you're feeling blue, grab your mobile and text your friend, it does help a lot ;)

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