1:59 AM

staying up late in the middle of the night, never knowing what's gonna happen next. unhearing owl, that night mythical creature, few years ago often came along bringing fear. now, the fear is way wider than that. curious curiouser no longer asks for anybody's business, further away has no clue where's the finish line of the labyrinth. those sisters and brothers bring thee to the most incredible ticking of a clock. the devil keeps approaching with no intention to change the atmosphere, they succeed by breaking the ozone layers and bringing the neutralizer down. cover by cover had been flipped but the life Maker haven't thrown the crown to this prown. rain brakes single tear, while lightning crashes a line screaming. those who never expected come over to have a tea, all that left behind gets along. some of species will see me be put under the ground, maybe they won't spent their eye's pond just for the one. known as fearless person, never make a body live forever. smith never be allowed to pass the bridge of curved-triangle, but the one who be allowed never having a will even just to leave a fingerprint, because the witch already puts a curse on the allowed one. flashing memory pulls me down in to a fulled misery jar. to build that castle to reach the flag to put hand above the head. please give more than take, stay bright, stand tall, sit down then take a breath.

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